Something Extra

What is the something extra in a painting? Why does a particular painting stick out as special and very fine when another one doesn’t?

I think it may have something to do with one or more of these elements: the quality of attention, the care and commitment, the sexual energy, a certain wholeness, the authenticity of the artist or …..

Every artist knows that some paintings work just right and others do not. Every artist hopes to create an especially fine artwork. Most artists throw out more than they save. Or at least I hope they do. But, some paintings have that something extra. They lift you up higher than the rest. They are unique in their intensity, fineness of execution and resolve. They sing from within. It is almost like some force has been so concentrated and intentional that the artist is at a loss to explain, but so very thankful for the gift. Usually after long work of trial and effort and hours in the studio, usually after many failures and half successes, usually after frustration and disappointment, there can come a release, a breakthrough, a realization. Something is revealed, something comes together, something is born.

We live for those moments.