What is it that makes an artist realize a painting? What does realized mean? To me, it is when a painting feels complete, full bodied and substantial. I was looking at two Grace Hartigan's the other day. One of the paintings felt undone, unrealized, begun but not finished. Some reasons were that the white areas lacked character, the shapes were too similar and my eye went from one area to the next without enjoyment, variety and nuance. It was more a duty than a pleasure. But, the other Hartigan was alive and full and of one mind, one fine mind. We could tell that the act of completion was fully realized because our hearts became fuller the more we moved from area to area. The strokes were similar in their intention but unique in their activity. Shapes varied in softness and solidity. Elements were rich and nuanced. You felt you could return over and over and be thrilled. As thrilled as it was in the making.